Vampire Status for WhatsApp 2016

Vampire Status for WhatsApp 2016

Vampires are the ones who suck blood. Some of movie makers & television studios made movies & TV Serials based on them. Today I will give you some of Vampire Status & Quotes for WhatsApp. Humans only not fall in love. Vampires also fall in love. It is amazing for us to have such Vampire status for our WhatsApp status. 

Vampire Status for Girls 2016


Vampires are so intensive, As they walk & their breath attracts other vampires. Some of Sizzling Vampire Status are given below.


  • When I smell his breath,I look forward to him. My eyes can’t stop to see his face.
  • His erotic body increases my temptation, Desires to be with him are overwhelmed.
  • My hands wants your hands to warm & feel safe in your body.
  • When you come close to me & give back hug..I feel like,You are mine.
  • Dreams are complete when you are come into it,I complete when you are in my arms.
  • I am not alive but In the worlds of vampire, You are breathtaking desires of mine.
  • Words are not clarify my feelings,You can feel it when I am with you.
  • The fault is not mine or not even yours.It’s our dead heart that find ways to you.
  • Words are mine but describes you,heart is mine but beating for you.
  • Love is not only in earth,it’s healing power exist in vampires also.


Vampire Status for Boys 2016


We are giving latest Vampire status to all of you.Vampire status for Boys are given below.


  • She is eye catching, My heart which was dead still beating when I see her.
  • For me love is not exist during we live but it remains after death in different world.
  • When she puts her hand on my heart, It satisfies me & my whole body.
  • Attraction between us remains in vampire version also, we both die hard fans of each other.
  • Mere dil ko sukun toh tab aaya jab usne kaha muje tere siva koi na bhaya.
  • If I believe in love it’s just you who realize me how it bonded us tightly.
  • The things you do for me without selfish motto makes me feel..there is one girl who is my world.
  • I can see anything broken in the world but can’t bear her tears.
  • I am so lucky to have you because others spend their whole life for true love.
  • Intensity of her smile can give fresh smile to me, I am her soul.



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