Valentine’s Day Ideas Special Date Tips

Valentine's Day Ideas Special Date Tips 2016

Valentine’s Day is the day named from Saint Valentine.This day is celebrated in every country. The day is for lovers to spread joy and happiness. Latest 2016 collection for celebrating this upcoming valentine’s day, we are giving some useful ideas and tips for it. Valentine’s Day ideas for date,Special ideas for valentine’s day,Valentines ideas,Valentine’s Day ideas special date tips,Valentine’s Day special ideas etc.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th Feb every year.

Upcoming Valentine’s Day Ideas and Special Date Tips 2016

Valentine’s Day Ideas 

Preparation of Valentines Day is started from 1 week ago. Steps for this day are below:

  • Create your own handmade card for your partner. Draw heart shape on it and fill with red color sketch pen. Design your own card and write some of poems or shayari on it. Stick duplicate flowers on it. This card makes special feelings to his or her. At the bottom of the card draw one flying kiss sketch for your love.
  • Go to gift shop and buy teddy bear with red heart,you can also buy valentines day card, small cute dogs etc.You can buy original red roses for your love. Buy one gold/silver/platinum ring for your spouse. You can also buy love bands for both of you.You can also buy red heart shape pillow. 

Special Date Tips 2016

  • Laying red rose petals on floor and make one large heart shape. Graces candles with different colors on the border of this heart shape.
  • Balloons are fill with rose petals.Red heart shaped balloons were adorned on walls and center of the ceiling near door,so that when she/he enters the house, balloons drops down petals on his/her.
  • You wear black shining shirt ,maroon tie and cream pent. Light smelling perfume is sprayed on your shirt. Wear black watch and shoes. Go to her home at midnight 12 a.m. Give her a surprise, so that her eyes were blow. Give her red rose and ask her for lovely date. Then give her cold coffee which you made with your own hand.


Valentine’s Day Date Ideas and Valentine’s Day 2016

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas 

  • Go for romantic movie and reserve all sits for both of you. Sit in the  center of the talkies. Give his/her a red rose,warm hug and enjoy spending romantic moments with each other.
  • Go to your favorite restaurant and make one valentine date there. Book one room and decorate it with roses,candles,balloons,chocolates and play one romantic song. Start dancing with your spouse and make his/her feeling like out of world.

Valentine’s Day 2016

  • Go to beach and make on tent with red color. Laying rose petals on beach and play song like “Meri Aashiqui ab tum hi ho” and hold her hand. Sit on your knees and say “I love you…will you be my valentine ?” Then start dance with her.
  • Write down what you feel about her/him in one colorful note. Decorate it with stickers and wrap it in red paper. Write what he/she feel when you are nnot with her/him. What you meant to her/him and tell your true feelings. Spray light  perfume on your note that mesmerize him/her in your deep love.


Valentine’s Day Special Date Tips and Ideas 2016

  • One best thing you can do is just take her on silent place were she can listen your heart beats more than your speech. Hold her hand, wearing her ring on 4th finger of left hand.Vena amoris is a Latin name meaning of it is “ vein of love “. Traditional belief established that this vein ran directly from the forth finger of the left hand to the heart. Tell her what you feel when she close to you,what you can do for her and how far you will stay with her.
  • Go for candle light dinner and make your moment special. Go for long drive in evening. Carry cookies,chocolates,soft little teddies,roses and spray light perfume in one basket. Give it to her. Give her one card which was written by you, it was about how you fall in love with her. What are things that attracts you.
  • Sing a song for him with your own words and go close to her. Give her a tight hug and say what she really mean to you.
  • Come close to her,kiss on her head and give her a trust that you are the one whom she looking for so many years. Touch your head with her head and tell her your deep love. Hold her hand tightly and kiss on her cheek.


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