Time Status for WhatsApp, Latest 2016

Time Status for WhatsApp 2016

We are always wants some motivation from life. So it’s better to know factors of life. Life is all about good time & bad time. Every person needs some boosting energy. What comes in mind is behaviour of person. It is important to know the value of time status. It will never come back to you. How one can do with time & use it properly is important. 

I am always punctual & loyal to my work. We must have to know the importance of workolic. Work is our god. We have to think about it.

Time Status for WhatsApp\

  • I am waiting for last so many hours with holding my heart for you.
  • I will decide my destiny against life not time.
  •  Time is always a matter when your partner will not give enough time to you. – Time Status
  • Machines are time dependent not human beings.
  • Time never own or buy by you,it only used by you. It is like water,if you through it then it never come back.
  • In every game there is a time limit, even Life has also a deadline.  – Time Status
  • Your time starts now,don’t leave it on tomorrow because it never comes.
  • What we expect from time? It only gives us experience.
  • Clock will never stop,you have to walk with it to compete it. – Time Status
  • Time never capture but moment you spent could be captured in your heart.


Time Status 2016

  • Time is what ? the thing which realizes us how precious it when one can use it properly.
  • Love is calculated by how much time you spend with your love. 
  • Love never fails,Time is the reason that make a distance between them.
  • It’s never too late until you will die, so give a second chance to yourself for telling what your heart feels. – Time Status
  • Time never give us a second chance to use it, It has it’s own protocols.
  • Opportunity comes to you when you are punctual in time.
  • If your deed are good then it comes back to you but at what time is not fixed. – Time Status
  • I can’t say at what time we are not together but I can say, there is no time which divide us.
  • There are lots of emotions relates at every time like sad,cry,happy,alone,harvest,laugh and bored. This makes a life complete.
  • Time is like sand in desert, It has no end…it goes on. – Time Status



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