Tempting Status & Quotes for WhatsApp 2016

Tempting Status & Quotes for WhatsApp 2016

I choose this word Tempting Status because the meaning is ” Unstoppable Desire “. The thing is you want to avoid it but you can’t. Tempting status is one that describe how you do unwise things. Recently,Tempting status is  more popular search term.Tempting status is the one which define your unwanted feelings came to heart.

Tempting Status for Girls 2016


  • The invitation for romance is given but The butter scotch melts in my mouth.
  • He gives me ice-cream cone but his heart  stopped beating after see me.
  • His tempting attitude attracts my heart & I forget to give attention to every other.
  • I have temptation to hold you. You are unbelievable dream come true.
  • Whatever milestones are there to stop me but my legs finds way to you.
  • I want to move upward & leave you forever but I am unable to forget you.
  • The appealing feature of your is let down me, The yearning for you don’t allow me to avoid you.
  • You urges me to fully accept your strong desires about me for a lot of time,it only influencing me.
  • He give a small jerk & I fall down in his arms. He is impatient ..just ask me,Will you mine ?
  • When I see him first time, his fascinated smile kills me deeply & blows my eyes.


Tempting Status for Boys 2016


  • She tempts my eyes,my mind & my heart. The first & last intense desire is only she.
  • I am suspicious about my feelings, I always try for not showing it. But You distracts me.
  • She is captivating, I feel like her slave. I break every prison to reach her.
  • Moment in which we feel each others smell is more precious than anything else.
  • It supposed to be one type of echo…how much you give love,you will get the double of it.
  • Something arises when you passes from me, the wind which touch you, comes to me.
  • Time is really money,whatever time I spends with you will never come again.
  • I behave spontaneously in front of her, She knows me better than myself.
  • She is one kind of temptation,I can’t stop myself to avoid her.
  • I don’t have patient when She touch my hands & see my face romantically.



We are giving Tempting Status for Whatsapp 2016. I hope you like to read tempting status & quotes 2016. Tempting status are more demanded in relationships. Tempting status will give you attention towards your weakness.




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