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Rose Day Poems

Rose Day poems are given for all crazy lovers. Rose Day is very special for the one who really love someone and need some chance to express it. Rose Day poems for girlfriend,Rose Day poems for boyfriend, Rose Day poems in Hindi and special poems for Rose Day are wanted to send and share with your beloved. You can Use Rose Day Poems to impress your lovers and to fall someone in your love.

Poems are written to give feelings to your words. In February, Lots of days are celebrated. It is for the one who have relationship with others. Valentine week is very special. During this week, Malls and shops are decorated with red soft toys,heart,flowers,ribbons,balloons,red cloths,lights etc. Romantic songs are heard everywhere and red trend is found everywhere. Gardens are full with couple. It was pleasure to see this moment.

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Rose Day Poems for Lovers  and Rose Day Poems for Couple 2016

Rose Day Poems in Hindi



आँखे मेरी उसमे सपने तेरे,

दिल मेरा उसमे धड़कन तुम्हारी |

रूह मेरी उसमे साँसे तुम्हारी,

लब मेरे उसमे बातें तुम्हारी |


बात इतनी सी थी की तुम्हे मेने देख लिया,

बात इतनी सी थी की तूने दिल को छु लिया,

फिर बात इतनी बढ़ गयी की रहा नही जाता,

अब वो बात क्या थी तुज़मे नही जानती |


लब्ज कम पड़ेंगे तेरा जीकर करने मे,

अरमानो का आलम कुछ एसा हे मेरा |

आँसू कम पड़ेंगे प्यार बया करने मे,

उससे भी ज़्यादा जो करती हू तुमसे |


बारिश का मौसम है,थोड़ी धूप थोड़ी छाँव है,

प्यार का एहसास है,थोड़ा मीठा थोड़ा खास है|

ये मिट्टी की खुश्बू ओर ये पवन का जोखा नज़ाने क्यू खिचे मूज़े तेरी ओर है ?


अब इंतेजार नही होता मुजसे,

रहा नही जाता बिन तेरे |

कब तक दिल को थाम के रखू,

अब दूर रेहना मेरे बस मे नही |


बस गया हे आदतो मे मेरी,

दिन का ठिकाना नही और रातो को चैन नही |

अब जाउभी कहा,

रास्ता ही नही तुम्हारे पास आने के सिवा |


दो दिल की दासता होती ही अजीब हे,

समजाऊ भी केसे समज ही नही आता |

उल्जी पहेली से भी उलजा होता हे,

ये रिश्ता ही अजीब होता हे |


अब के बरस वो सावन हो,

जिसकी भीगी मिट्टी मे तू हो,

जिसकी ठंडी लहरो मे तू हो,

मेरे हर एहसास मे तू हो |


आज मेरा जी करता हे की तेरी बाहो मे सिमट जाउ,

बस तुजे देखु और ये लम्हा ठहर जाए |


प्यार वो हे जो तेरी बातो मे तू जताता हे,

वही एहसास जो तुजे मुजसे जोड़े रखे हे |

वही जो बिना कहे तुम सुन लेते हो,

वही जो बिना माँगे तुम दे देतो हो |


Rose Day Poems for Boyfriend 

Girls want to share love with their boyfriend. Girls want rose day poems which they send to their boyfriend.


I want your hug till eternity,

Your warmth by holding your hands,

Your presence to avoid sadness,

Your smile to make me happy,

Happy Rose Day my cutie pie.


You can and always won,

I proud to have you,

You are my heartthrob,

I see life with your eyes,

You are my candle to remove darkness,

Happy Rose Day my honey.


Always contrast is more matching,

I am more sophisticated about you,

You are like sun through which I am alive,

You are my first love which I never share.


When I see you in midnight,

I really want a warm hug,

Need your tight hug with lovely kiss,

I want to share my feelings for you.


I want to be your shadow,

I want to be a reason of your smile,

I want to be blush of your cheek,

I want live in your heart.


Rose Day Poems for Girlfriend

Boys want to share their feeling in terms of written rose day poems. They try to explain their love but need some way to girl’s heart. Rose Day Poems will help them to sort off this situation.


I have strong affection with you,

When I realized it…It is out the world,

Your smell is more intense,

Your tenderness is like heaven for me,

Happy Rose Day my baby.


You are phenomenal,

You are sneaker of my heart,

I am die hard fan of your,

Wishing You Happy Rose Day.


Let my soul goes through yours,

My feelings make you aware,

that how you really mean to me,

When I close my eyes,

I found your cute face in it,

I am complete when I am with you,

You are like blossom in winter,

You are like mango in summer,

You are like rainbow in monsoon,

Happy Rose Day to my love.


My birth was for some reason,

Reason is you when I see you,

You are Sinderella & am your Prince Charming,

You make my day special,

Want to spend one day with you,

Go for the date & give you red rose,

I want make all your dreams come true,

You are like sugar of my tea,

I want to be chocolate of your  milkshake,

Happy Rose Day my heart.


Love means……You

L for Lack of distance

O for Oxygen of my life

V for Vowel of my Tongue

E for Energy of my soul….is only you,

Happy Rose Day.


Latest Rose Day Poems and Rose Day Poems for Valentine Week

Special Rose Day Poems

Rose Day Poems for relationship related are admirable by people in India as well as Foreign countries. Rose Day Poems for the valentine week is most desirable to spread love in winter.


When you came with red rose,

My eyes blow more than yours,

I just surprised to see you in front of me,

My breath just up and down to be with you,

We will be together forever.


When you come to my life,

I found direction of my path,

When you come close to me,

My heart stopped a while.


You are my love,

You are my desire,

You are my hope,

You are my courage,

I feel happy to see you again and again.


My words find their meaning,

When I fall in love with you,

You are hero of my life,

I want to be your heroine.


Be with me when I need you,

Love me when I want you,

Hold me when I am alone,

Take Care of your because,

You are my life.


Today is Rose Day,

Wish me Happy rose day,

I take your red rose,

Give you lovely hug.


Want to hold your hands forever,

Want to go close to see your eyes,

I want to find me in your eyes,

I want to grow old with you.


I feel for you,

I care for you,

I want just you,

I love you from bottom of my heart.


You can find your dreams in me,

You can find your strength in me,

You can find your life in me,

I want to spend my life with you.


Best collection of poems like rose day poems in Hindi,rose day poems for girlfriend,rose day poems for boyfriend,special poems for rose day,rose day special poems 2016 are only for you guys.

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