Romantic Quotes for Whatsapp 2016 Latest

romantic quotes for WhatsApp

Today we are coming with Latest unseen huge collection Romantic Quotes for WhatsApp 2016. Are you searching for romantic quotes then this is the right place. Life is very romantic if you see it in better way. In India romantic quotes are necessarily required to impress his/her but in foreign countries also. Bollywood and Hollywood movies used romantic dialogue of 2016 so that their audience gives a huge applause in Theater.

Latest Romantic songs are very popular and each and every day relationship occurs, so huge demand for Latest romantic quotes arises 2016. Romantic love quotes, Cute romantic quotes, Romantic quotes for his/her and Romantic quotes in Hindi are also demanded. Romantic wavelet is traveling in blood of each one. When you see your love, Romantic words always been needed to express it. Romantic Quotes gives you a chance to do it.

Latest romantic quotes whatsapp 2016 photo

Latest romantic quotes whatsapp 2016

Latest Romantic Love Quotes 2016

Romantic Quotes for love are useful during valentine weeks. Love comes to spread colors of different visions to your life. Romantic Quotes are measure of how you define your heart. To being romantic, You needs romantic quotes as well. It is part of our life. To fall in love is not in your control but the thing is, don’t wait for perfect time. Just express your love using romantic quotes.


I don’t know how to define my feelings but my heartbeats increases as you come to me and there is no option for me to avoid you.

If you love me then what are you waiting for……just say na, I am still look at you for your warm hug.

Your dreams are in my eyes,I hold them tightly till it comes true. Yours Everything is now mine except me because I am yours.

For love there is no requirement of special preparation ,It only want you to see me as never before and Your lovely hand to hold mine one.

Romantic words of yours bring me out of world and just realizes me that You love me more than my dreams.

I will make fire in your heart that melts you and you can’t control yourself to be with me.

When you rub my legs with yours when we hug and your head touch mine one,I am reached in different world.

When you put down yourself with your knees and give me a red rose in rain,the moment you give me is most special for me.

I want to sit on your lap and you just relieve me from headache. You give a kiss on my head and It was pleasure for me.

When we are very close to each other,fragrance of your hair attracts me more towards you and never want to live without you.

Latest Romantic Quotes for Him 2016

Girls want to say something to their be loved and finding words for it. Latest Romantic Quotes for him are below for those girls who want to impress in this year 2016. Tell him with Romantic Quotes, so that he understand your love. You can express as your WhatsApp status also 2016. Latest Romantic Quotes are best suited for lovely couple for genuine feelings and they understand it better. Romantic quotes help girls to make fire in boys heart.


WHAT happened TO me? I am different than who really I am. Cause is his spectacular eyes which call me every night.

Without him I feel like there is no happiness in my life, I like your romantic nature towards me. I hope that you will maintain it forever.

When I saw him, the spark in his eyes and blush on his  face give a evidence of his love towards me.

When I was sad,he just hold me from backside and change my mood instantly.

I like when he speaks softly so that I never scare and feel comfortable with him.

Lots of love behind his small surprises and my eyes always blows when he saw me.

What a  girl need from him? Just his love,care and little space in his heart. Nothing else.

My heart is very poor without you,Come close to it and put your hand on it & feel how much it needs you.

I love myself because he love me. He is my hero who protect me from world and be with me when I need him.

I am complete to have him and he is my first reason to live life at any cost.

Collection of Romantic Quotes for Her 2016

Are you guys fall in love ? Here we are giving your tongue a voice with best Romantic Quotes. Always guys are shy when they see girls and they want to share their feelings but unable to do that. Romantic Quotes for her are give them a way.Girls always want to listen Romantic Quotes from boys. Girls are very sensitive and always like romantic guys, so guys these romantic quotes only for you.


She realizes me that what I am for her, Always made for me and love is in her eyes in terms of tears when I am not with her.

I can do anything for her cute smile, She is very precious in my life.

She is my courage when I have lots of stress,She understands me better than anyone can.

It’s better to say now than it becomes late. I finally accept that she is my never destroyable desire.

I love her when she try to do things which are arranged only for me and when she pretends me from others.

She stolen my heart without informing me. I am helpless to protect my heart.

She is heroin of my life,SHE is GORGEOUS,loving,CARING,innocent,HONEST and trustful.

I love her hair when it touches my shoulder. Her lovely cool fragrance make me aware of her presence.

Before I met her,I never have such curiosity to search reasons for life. Now I have reason.

I love her romantic attraction and words for me, She is very spectacular when I am with her.

Latest huge Cute Romantic Quotes

How to give more cute words to your love? Yes, you can. Cute Romantic Quotes are the best way to set your WhatsApp status. Romantic Quotes in childish way make no sense but they are now demanded in this generation. Cuteness comes naturally but in addition to Romantic Quotes,it affects more. New Romantic Quotes are prepared here to fall in love again and again.


I am TOM and you are my JERRY. We fight like them but can’t live without each other.

You are my cutie pie. I am naughty enough to tied you with me.

You are my blossom and want you to give me some fruitful moments of beautiful life.

You are not only my need,my soul wants you and It’s humble request from me.

Nose always in between us to interrupt our kiss. My kiss for you is like energy drink for you.

Never imagine a life without you and never want to imagine. I am very possessive about you.

Hey honey…want some WIFI kisses? Yes then say some creamy and lovely words to me.

I am your shadow. Always walk with you until you stop.

We are very cute together but never leave me alone to suck cold-drinks.

I swear to god that You are like sun which shines on flower,So that it alive.

Romantic Quotes in Hindi Latest 2016

Hindi version of Romantic Quotes are more curiously required to impress your close one. One can’t have words to realize how they feel for others. Romantic Quotes are the ways to reach their goal.Everyone in not by default romantic, so romantic quotes make them aware about feelings. Hindi romantic quotes make more noise to others heart. Best Hindi Romantic Quotes are always been admirable and pleasure hear it.


मेरी हर धड़कन तुजे मिलने को तरबतर है…तुम नही जानते की मे तुम्हे कितना चाहती हू |

हज़ारो उम्मीद जागी तुजे देखते ही,तुम ज़रा पास तो आओ…सारी हसरत पूरी करेंगे हम |

दिल मेरा परेशान है…जानता है तुजे पर कहता नही, तुम हो की समजते नही ओर मे हू की मानती नही |

हर दफ़ा….हर मर्तबा….मूज़े तुज़से मिलने की चाहत होती है,कभी तो मिलो तन्हायियो मे |

मेरी कश्ती का नाविक है तू,तुम्हारे बिना मे सांस भी केसे लू |

मेरी आशिकी हो तुम,कभी ना भूलनेवाली आदत हो तुम |

प्यार तो नाम से ही बदनाम है…क्यू की प्यार करनेवाले को मिलती नही मंज़िल |

मन की मर्ज़ी बस यही है..जो तू साथ है तो हर खुशी मेरे पास है |

मेरी आँखे हमेशा तरसती है तुजे देखने को….मूज़े चैन तो तब आया जब तू मेरे करीब आया |

बेचेनी बढ़ती है जब तू दूर होता है,दिल की ये तड़पन सही नही जाती…तुम ही मेरे दर्द की दवा हो|

latest romantic love quotes status photo 2016

latest romantic quotes status photo 2016

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