Possessive WhatsApp Status for Girlfriend,Boyfriend 2016

Possessive WhatsApp Status for Girlfriend,Boyfriend 2016

Possessive WhatsApp status are arranged to give attention about proprietor of someone. Possessiveness is equal among girls and boys. Possessiveness happens in relationships. This is proof of true love. Possessive WhatsApp status for Girlfriend and Boyfriend are given by us. Possessive WhatsApp status have words to elaborate feelings in detail.

Everyone wants such possessive boyfriend and girlfriend. You all want Possessive WhatsApp status 2016 that is helpful to update your WhatsApp status. 

Possessive WhatsApp Status for Girlfriend 2016 (Boys)

Possessive WhatsApp status for boys who are possessive about their girlfriend when they talk with other boys are given below:

  • I saw you because I have the right. But when other person saw you, I have the right to kill him.
  • I want to share your pain,tears and sadness only with me but I can’t share your love with anyone else.
  • I am the only one who can admire your adorable nature in poems through heart throb feelings.
  • When You are with me, You looks hotter than tea. But when you are with other then just cool like fan.
  • Each and every rock in front of you has to break down to give a walking passage for you.
  • I can change even my dreams to give instantaneous energy to defeat world.
  • Never give so much attention and care to others, I am made about you.
  • I chew my tongue using my teeth when You are more curious in talking with other boys.
  • I have eagle eyes on you. So be aware on your activity. It breaks you or makes you.
  • I fulfill my thrust when You keep smiling and shy. I hate when others do feel the same for you.

Possessive WhatsApp Status for Boyfriend 2016 (Girls)

Possessive WhatsApp status for girls who are possessive about their boyfriend when they saw them with other girls are given below :

  • For me no matter how far you are but it’s a matter when you are close to other girls.
  • You are my favorite subject to elaborate among people but it’s hard for me to elaborate among girls.
  • I am keen to have a pleasant life ahead with you but I disappointed when you are with me and thinking for other one.
  • Don’t underestimate my silence if I break it then your body also break at the same time.
  • You can see everything whatever you want to see in life except photos of other girls because I can’t control myself.
  • To love someone..it doesn’t mean have patience to understand unnecessary circumstances like you have feelings for other one & all.
  • Limitations of mine is up to you..how you are behaving with other girls in front of me.
  • You don’t have right to flirt and chasing other girls…I am your owner.
  • My feelings for you is like cross the boundary of the mountain..so be aware to even thinking to replace me.
  • I am not spy agent but enough capable to slap and leave you for whole life if you betray my feelings.



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