Moved on WhatsApp Status for Relationship 2016

Moved On WhatsApp Status for Relationship 2016

Moved On WhatsApp status are the hope to build yourself once again. Moved On WhatsApp status are used to start your life by forgetting past relationship.  Girls and Boys both face this situation in life.Moved on WhatsApp status have impact to look forward. Moved on WhatsApp status can change your outdated thought.


Moved On WhatsApp Status for Girls 2016


Moved On WhatsApp Status for Girls 2016

Moved On WhatsApp Status for Girls 2016

  • Never begging to someone for love, it was choice of his/her to shine with sun or to be with moon.
  • God also fall in love and their love has no end, then how our love has some end.
  • Never disappointed by someone, make your own path and travel like no one do this.
  • Problems are reasons to break your confidence. You have to tell problems that they are unable to defeat you.
  • To tell move on to others is easy but when You will face that situation,no words can justify your pain.
  • Past is like rain on barren ground,which never cultivate crop.
  • Memories are never forgettable, but we try to reduce their effect on us by diverting our focus.
  • Moved on from the one who ditches you because your taste is not so bad.
  • If one person hurts you,it doesn’t mean all are same. Give a second chance to yourself.
  • Never try to change your habits for  the one who never understand your value.

Moved On WhatsApp Status for Boys 2016

  • Don’t waste time to convince others,If they need such conversation then you are with wrong one.
  • Broken relationship is like having heart without feelings which is never fit into other person.
  • Path has no end, without walking how one can decide this.
  • You have your own value, which no one can better define it. Move on from that worst one.
  • Every start has to face harder part of life. My body is tough enough to compete hard time.
  • Relationship is matter for me but if it kills me then I have to moved on with other aspects of life.
  • Your birth on earth is not for sit down without hope. Every eye has dreams….never loss hope.
  • Life is all about trial version of things. One try can change your whole mindset.
  • Everybody wasting their precious time in finding true love.
  • Path is created with your mindset on particular vision which in turns return a good time.


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