Love Quotes For [WhatsApp] Hindi English Girlfriend Boyfriend 2016

Love Quotes for WhatsApp in English 2016

Love Quotes for WhatsApp 2016 are choices of youth. Love Quotes and Status for WhatsApp in Hindi/English are demanded frequently. Latest Quotes and status for Girlfriend/boyfriend are most searchable.Love Quotes are most prominent which are heart of today’s youngsters.

Latest Quotes and Status to update your WhatsApp status are introduced here. Love Quotes in Hindi,Love Quotes in English,Love Quotes for WhatsApp 2016,WhatsApp love quotes cute in Hindi,Love Quotes romantic for WhatsApp 2016,Romantic Love Quotes in Hindi 2016, WhatsApp romantic love quotes in Hindi,latest whatsapp love quotes for Girlfriend,WhatsApp love quotes for Boyfriend etc. are in organized manner.

Cute and Romantic  Love Quotes for WhatsApp 2016

Cute Love Quotes for WhatsApp has their own innocent charm on users. Latest romantic love quotes that are used to update status of WhatsApp.

Two butterfly fly without thinking the whole world.See each other and give flying kiss and blushed with cute smile.

I have an attitude which you will never copy because it comes when I saw you.

I am writing you on my heartbeats. I want to take breath with your name and die without your name.

Your love for me is like water in desert which fill my thrust.

When you passed from me,my heart just stopped.It tells me that my another heart is here.

When you are with me,I am very nervous and don’t know what to do & what to talk.

I don’t want the moment when you are not with me. I will better choose to die at that moment.

I am really made for you. I spend time without you is worst part of my life.

It doesn’t matter that you are not in my hand’s wavelet. You are in my heart which never denied by you.

Small little cute talks of yours, make me helpless to just avoid you,It will affect me which attracts more towards you.

Tears are proof of true love,they fall down when there is deep feeling for someone.

I want to be a reason of your smile, I never want to be a tear of your eyes. I will never leave you.

Pain inside your heart would give pain to my heart. I feel the pain which hurt you. I love you more than myself.

I will change the path which separates us. I will throw the stone which stand above you.

When you starred me secretly and start dreaming about us,the love which is inside my heart increases at a great extent for you.

Why love never come to you? You have to fall in love,love is unpredictable.

Having you is most wonderful than anything in life.You are my courage,anxiety and hope.

When there is everything with you but you feel alone then something is missing.It’s you.

My eyes opens to see you,my eyes closed to feel you. My love for you is not outdated,it’s just beginning.

The change in me is you. I am more responsible about my duties and always taking care of you.


Love Quotes for Girlfriend and Boyfriend in Hindi/English

Love Quotes for Girlfriend/Boyfriend 2016 are collected in Hindi as well as English language. Following Love Quotes are in Hindi To express feelings in more formal way.


 मेरे होठो की हसी…मेरे चेहरे का नूर…जिसकी बदोलत है…वो तेरी महोब्बत है |

आँखो की गहराइया…उनमे छुपि प्यार की बेताबिया…हर एहसास मे तुम हो…मेरी हर बात मे तुम ही हो |

मेने इस लम्हे का बेसब्री से किया है इंतेजार…तू ना जाने मेने तूट के किया है तुज़से प्यार |

इन आँख को बॅस तुम्हारा है इंतेजार…तुम्हे पाके मेरे दिल को आया करार |  

प्यार का कोई इम्तिहान नही होता…प्यार तो बस किया जाता है..उसे तो बस महसूस किया जा सकता है |  

मेरी आखरी ख्वाइश तुम हो..मेरी जीने की उम्मीद तुम हो…मेरा वजूद हो तुम..मेरा हर अरमान भी तुम ही हो |  

आईना बाते करता है…मे एकरार करती हू..तुम्हारा ज़िक्र होता है…बार बार तेरा इंतेजार होता है |

फुलो मे महक हो तुम…मेरे दिल का चैन हो तुम…मेरा हर ख्वाब हो तुम…मेरी हर सांस मे हो तुम |

दिल सोचने पे मजबूर हो रहा है…ये एहसास कुछ खास है..दिल का हर सवाल हो तुम..धड़कन का जवाब हो तुम | 

नींद चुराई मेरी….दिल चुराया मेरा..अब बचा ही क्या है..अपना बना लो तो करार आए इस दिल को |


Love Quotes in English are considered to be more energetic.


I want to give him an infinitive love,the cost is doesn’t matter. I want to lose everything for winning him.

He is my last and first wish.He is smile of my face. When he is not with me,He is sadness of my face.

I don’t want to see moon,because he is my moon. I have lots of unbounded desires to see his face.

I don’t want a day in which he is not with me. I always feel better to live when he hold my hand.

I would found my god in him. I have faith,trust and love for him. He is hero of my life.

I am stubborn about him. I want only he,no one can change my feelings.

He is my horse power. I can win anything if he is cheering and shouting for me.

When You are unable to find me then find him. I am always with him.

Heart is two,one is mine & other is his. But soul is one. We feel the same pain at the same time.

I don’t know what is love but when I realize that I can’t live without him,At that time I got my answer.

 Love Status for WhatsApp in Hindi/English 2016

Love Status are used to tell someone about how you feel for them.


Fragrance of her talk is never forgettable. Her innocence make me avoid all her mistakes.

She is angel of my life. Everything happened is more curious and surprising in my life.

I feel like you are walking with me,I saw you everywhere.My heart don’t listen me.

My breath shouting for you and I have deep love inside my heart which has no end.

My house is full of happiness when she talks and laughs without any reason.

She never want any excuses regarding waiting for me and I convince her and follow her everywhere.

I feel the peace and satisfaction of my heart when she is with me.

She is amazing,I mean without telling her..she know what is in my mind.

I feel the same way in which she feel for me. She is mine forever.

When she dancing without caring the world,looking gorgeous and stunning.I love to watch her.



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