Longing Craving Status Quotes Whatsapp 2017

Longing Craving Status Quotes Whatsapp 2017

Longing Craving status are detail oriented about your desires. He/she have the strong affection for someone. Then how to convince that person about your thirst and eagerness about her/him. So Guys, I will describe your powerful desires in more specific way. The words better describe your feelings than your quite eyes. 


Longing Craving Status 2017


  • I feel hungry for your love…I feel like…You take my breath with you.
  • My longing eyes is mirror….It shows intense desires for you,if you see them.
  • The need for you is rest thing because you are my uncontrolled passion to live.
  • Without you I feel like It kills me day by day..The silence in air destroy me even more.
  • Sometimes words can’t define certain emotions inside us…specially yearning. Longing Craving Status 
  • I am alive when I see you live…Blood in my body starts moving when I am with you.
  • My passion is you..I am so the things in more passionate way when you are involved.
  • It just impossible to say impulsive thirst for you..It is not complete in few words.


Longing Craving Status in Hindi :

Vo Ishq Hi kya Jisme Junnon Na Ho, Vo Ishq Hi Kya Jo Pagal Na Kare

    Vo Ishq Hi Kya Jisme Becheni Na Ho, Vo Ishq Hi Kya Jisme Dard Na Ho.

Longing Craving Status :

Ishq Ek Tarfa Ho Toh Kayamat Lata Hai, Dard Puri Ruh Ko Jalata Hai

  Chein Ka Pata Nahi Par Nind Mushkilo Se Aati Hai..Ishq Ek Bimari Hai.


Longing Craving Status Powerful Feelings 2017


  • I feel weakness caused by lack of you…So Don’t Go anywhere.
  • I feel discomfort without you…No one can replace my smile when I see you. – Longing Craving Status 
  • You are regular need to feel alive..Energy inside me is double when You are with me.
  • I don’t even think to be live life without you..I am never prepared for that moment.
  • Even my dreams never leave you, I seen you in my dreams. – Longing Craving Status 
  • The whole day my mind don’t even think other than you.
  • You are in my soul…I try to leave you but I can’t.
  • You are my problem and You only are my solution. – Longing Craving Status 
  • I feel peace in mind and heart & feel like heaven when I spend time with you.
  • I really need you..I feel satisfied from life when reason is you behind my smile.



Finally, I always glad to see all of you. Thank you so much for coming & visiting Longing Craving Status 2017. 

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