Impressive Status for Girls and Boys 2016

Impressive Status for Girls and Boys 2016

Impressive Status for WhatsApp has impact on others. Everyone wants an impressive status. The trend is from 16’s to impress others with your style and attitude. Today, We are giving Impressive Status for Girls and Boys. Update your WhatsApp Status to impress your friends and colleagues.

Impressive Status for Girls  2016

  • Just watch me, don’t follow me if you are not strong as me.
  • Eat good,Sleep good and Work good but being cool is me.
  • That’s cool to say that you are so cute. But fact is you are not.
  • After all your best efforts if it was not worked, Your necessity is me.
  • Never mind me. Because your mind is outdated.
  • Hooh…You are hoping me to be with you right now,but it’s just in your dreams.
  • Don’t take so much stress. You are unable to define me.
  • You can hurt me,kill me even avoid me but you can never forget me from your mind.
  • When you have no argues to oppose me,it’s better to keep quite.
  • I am legend. No need your comments or reviews or complements.


Impressive Status for Boys  2016

  •  Love me like no one can but if you hate me then don’t even think me.
  • If you see me and your eyes blow more then don’t blame me. I am always cool and hot.
  • Don’t ask me instead ask my enemies because they know me better than anyone.
  • I am unbeatable. If you want me then beat me.
  • I am free bird. No boundaries can hold me.
  • Be aware of me,I am dangerous for your health.
  • If you are mine then mine. No more compromise.
  • I take my own decisions.No one can order me.Don’t be think like that.
  • I am cool because my fan list is huge.
  • Don’t check status by watching money inside pocket. It’s better to check your pocket.


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