I Miss You Messages SMS GF BF Husband Wife 2018

I Miss You Messages, SMS and Wishes 2018. When we have to leave the person who is very close to us. We miss that person a lot. We feel sad and have tears in our eyes. We will share our feelings for him/her by sending SMS. So, I am coming with I Miss You Messages 2018. 


The generation is fast. They send SMS to him/her without any hesitations. This is the best way to tell or share our thoughts. I Miss You Messages are arranged below :


I Miss You Messages for Girlfriend 2018


How to explain the pain inside me ? Separation with you stolen my peace.

I always remember the moments I spend with you..when I feel lonely.

I always count every seconds of my life because each seconds remind me your absence.

Without You, Morning be like nights for me and night be like mornings for me.

I missing you so hard that I can’t sleep and feel restless.


I Miss You Messages for Boyfriend 2018 :


I have everything but without you, It’s worthless for me.

I can’t express the time in which  I am living without you.

Something always kills me a lot, some kind of irritation also exceeds.

I feel broken emotionally and mentally as well, reason is just you.

We together feel single soul, Both can’t live without each other.


I Miss You Messages 2018


I Miss You Messages for friends 2018 :

We never explain the person , how much we love him/her.

My heart selects the path on which you walk.

Believe me, I am waiting for you because you are my life.  – I Miss You Messages

Never leave me alone, I entirely break if you do this to me.

I miss you because I love you and because I will not live without you.


I Miss You Messages SMS GF BF 2018

I Miss You Messages SMS GF BF 2018

I Miss You sms for Husband 2018 :


Wait  for a while, so that my heart control it’s feelings for you.

For me..Nothing matters more than you, Life is hell without you. –  I Miss You Messages

I speak with myself,in the absence of yours. I miss you a lot.

I felt desperate and dehydrated when you are far away from me.

I miss you in the way that I am unable to live my life.


I Miss You sms for Wife 2018 :


I I am not being me before I met you. You change my whole life.

I love summer, winter and monsoon, the reason is you. –  I Miss You Messages

Climates changes like us but I want you in this change.

When I miss you badly, I lost my patience inside me.

Life is beautiful with you but life is hell without you, so don’t go anywhere.





I am giving here lots of  I Miss You Messages and I miss you SMS 2018. Thank you so much guys for coming here.

Finally, I am happy to have such lovely users. Keep visiting my website and come again and again. I am coming everyday with some new things which you always wish for. I Miss You Messages

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