Hug Day sms Messages in Hindi 2016

Hug Day SMS Messages 2016

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We want to share our feelings using Hug Day sms.Hug is a gesture for express love and joy. Hug Day messages are used to send your beloved. Latest upcoming Hug Day sms in Hindi are more favorable and searchable in google.

Hug Day Date:Hug Day is celebrated on 12th Feb every year.

Hug Day sms messages  and Happy Hug Day sms in Hindi 2016

New and best hug day sms to announce world and others about your heartthrob feelings.

Hug Day sms

  • I love the way you come to me,hold me in your arms,stop breathing and let our heart beats single.
  • When I first time feel that you are one kind of need to live my life..It was hug day.Happy Hug Day
  • Put your leg’s fingers on my fingers. Hold my body tightly and make them one.
  • For me….You are everything. Your soft hug makes me alive. Happy Hug Day
  • A simple hug can change you. You are mine even you don’t want.Happy Hug Day
  • My soul want only you. My eyes bright when I see you.Happy Hug Day
  • Hug is one kind of physical intimacy. That we don’t go far to each other.
  • I love you when you start cuddling me.I want to be your first and last indigestible desire ever.

Hug Day Messages

  • Essence of my life is you.You are my intellectual intensity…I mean to say energy of mine.
  • I have extreme fondness for you. You can’t stop me when I give you a tight hug.
  • I mesmerized by you. You looks stunning when you hide your deep feelings.
  • I am always overwhelmed with your intense dazzling personality.Come and give me a soft hug.
  • One vacant seat is left in my heart. If you want it then take deep breath, I hold you in my strong arms.
  • I have devotion for you.The thing is…it’s hard to compel my love for you.Happy Hug Day
  • I learn fidelity,allegiance and holiness from you. You are my worship.
  • Your effect on me is thrilling and breathtaking.I always ready to hold you.Happy Hug Day
  • When I saw you first time,my eyes are blind for sometime. You got my full attention.

Happy Hug Day sms in Hindi 2016


Dil Betab Hai Temhe Pal Bhar Dekhne Ke Liye

Ab Kitna Karu Intejaar Tumse Milne Ka


Kab Kaha Mene Ke Duri Achhi Hoti Hai

Dur Raha Nahi Jata Aur Pas aane ke bad dur jaya nahi jata


Khatm Na ho Vo Pyar Bhari Yadein

Meet Ho tum Mere Mann Ke

Pyar Ek Khayal Hai

Aur Tum Vo Aakhari Khayal


Chain Aaye Meri Aaankho Ko Jab Samne Aaye Tu

Ruki Ruki si Meri Saanse Chale Jab Tum Sath Ho


Hug Day sms in Hindi and sms messages Happy Hug Day

Upcoming Hindi version of Hug Day sms are just like gold mines for readers. Happy Hug Day sms are arranged in well manner for all of you guys.

Hug Day sms in Hindi


Mauka Muje Milta Nahi Jab Samne Tum Aati Ho

Dil Ka Haal Kese Kahu Kuchh Samaj Nhai Aata

Janu Bas Itna Ki Tumse Pyar Karta Hu


Jab Rat Ko Nind Nahi Aati

Khayal Bas Tumhara Aata Hai

Muje Ummid Nahi Thi ki

Tum meri Zindgi Ban Jaoge


Mere tumse Na Jane Kya hai Vasta

Ruku Jaha Pau tumhe

Najre Dhunde Bas Tumhe Hi

Chain Aaye Muje Jab Tum Pas Aate Ho


sms Messages 2016

  • Hug for me is when every wrong gets right and feel confidence. Your warm hug give me courage.
  • I remarking your presence in my life. It has extreme bright impact on me.Happy Hug day
  • You are glittering on me.Just like shimmering or sparkling light that blind me temporarily.
  • Love make no sense if we don’t meet.You tackle my heart in just few seconds.
  • You are trophy which i won with want some kiss and lovey hug.
  • Don’t be Shy for a while or at any time…come close to me and hold me tight. Happy Hug Day
  • I love when you keep watching me when I am in front of you.
  • I am not a poet. But now I have thousands poems which I write with my own hand for you.
  • For me love is perplexing but when I see you all things are sort out. All because of you. Happy Hug day



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