Happy Propose Day sms HD images wallpapers messages Shayari Poems 2016

Happy Propose Day HD Wallpaper 2016

Happy Propose Day comes every year and youngster always waiting for this day’s. Propose Day is the 2nd day of valentine week. Propose Day is the day when boys or girls proposes with rose to their heartthrob. Boys always need a chance to say their feeling to girls,so this is the right day for them. Propose Day is more excited with proposing on knees to girls. Arranging ring and red roses with chocolates,gifts,lovey propose day sms,messages and shayari for girls.

Propose Day is gives happiness to girls and boys. They enjoys a lot in garden,malls,shops and hotels.

Propose Day date is on 8th Feb every year.

Happy Propose  Day sms  for Girlfriend and Propose Day Messages Shayari 2016

Happy Propose Day/Propose Day sms/Propose sms


Life is beautiful when your innocent face listen me,

You are like angel of my life,

I take permission of god for being with you and

give lots of love to you during my entire life.

Will you be my wife ?

Happy Propose Day


I want your soft hand in my hard days,

I want your lap when I am depressed,

I want your smile when I am nervous,

I want all your time …my heart is dedicated to you.

Will be mine forever?

Happy Propose Day


I have an Intuition that you wanna know which I try to say,

When you come to me..my eyes can’t blink,

My heart beats run faster than me,

I want nothing from my life…I want only you.

I love you so much.

Happy Propose Day


You find twinkle in my eyes when I saw you,

I have emotions with full of feelings for you,

Just see my face..you feel my true love for you,

My love is unconditional for you…just give your hand to me and forget everything.

Happy Propose Day


In nights…I have your thoughts,

In midnight I have your dreams,

I find so many dictionaries to convey my heart’s status to you,

But they are worthless..I really love you,

Just accept my feelings and me also.

Happy Propose Day

Propose Day Messages


Mene kabhi puchha nahi..or nahi kabhie jataya

Tum mere kya lagte ho ye khud bhi nahi jaanta me,

mene toh bas beinthaa mahobbat ki hai

Happy Propose Day


Khyal bas itna hai…ki khayal tumhara hai

Najar bas itni hai…ki har najar tumpe hai

Soch bas itni hai…ki Soch tumse hai

Aadat bas itni hai…ki aadat bhi tum ho.


Propose Day Shayari


मेने पहले कभी ना चाहा वो चाहते होने लगी,

दिल मेरा बस मे नही अब,

क्या तुम हो वही जिसका इंतेजार हे मूज़े ?


ये हवाओ मे जो आज कशीश हे पहले ना मेहसूस की मेने,

दिन का उजाला ओर रातो की चाँदनी ना मेहसूस की मेने|

पानी की आहट ओर फुलो की खुश्बू ना मेहसूस की मेने,

इनकी मोजूदगी तुमसे मिलने के बाद जानी मेने |


जसबतो का बाँध अब टूट रहा हे,

तेरी ओर खिचा चला जा रहा हू |

टूट के चाहा हे तुजे मेने,ये चाहते कभी ख्त्म नही होगी |


दिल का हाल केसे कहू तूमसे,

वो तो बेधड़क कहता हे मुजसे|

मे ही नही बया कर पाता तुमसे,

तुम ही हाल बया कर दो मुजसे|

अब इंतजार नही होता मुजसे,

क्यूकी इसे तुम्हारा इंतजार हे |


दिल का चेन हो तुम,

रातो की नींद हो तुम,

मेरी पहली चाहत हो तुम,

कभी ना जानेवाली आदत हो तुम,

तुम ही पता लगाओ क्या हो तुम ?

 Propose Day Poems for Girlfriend


Slowly Slowly You Enters into my heart,

Your Fantasy creates blushes on my face,

Look me and turn back is your habit,

Just see me if you want to do it,

The hide and seek game which is between us,

Will stop now to describe our feelings outside us,

Wanna go for date with me?

I hold your hand tightly and be with you forever,

Love you my cutie….Happy Propose Day


Upcoming Propose Day HD images  Wallpapers 2016

Propose Day Images/Happy Propose Day Images


Happy Propose Day Photo for GF BF 2016

Happy Propose Day Photo for GF BF 2016

Happy Propose Day cute image 2016

Happy Propose Day cute HD Image 2016

Happy Propose Day Romantic pic 2016

Happy Propose Day Romantic pic 2016

Propose Day HD Wallpapers


Happy Propose Day hd wallpaper latest

Happy Propose Day hd wallpaper latest

Happy Propose Day Wallpaper

Happy Propose Day Wallpaper

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