Computer Engineering Status for WhatsApp 2016

Computer Engineering Status for WhatsApp 2016

Computer Engineering Status and quotes are popular among college students. Technical persons have their own attitude and humor regarding general things. They are cool and smart by default. They used to set their WhatsApp status everyday. So We take this effort only for them.

Computer Engineering is more interesting among girls. They want mental work and avoid physical work. Boys are by default smart in this computer engineering field. Technical status and quotes are cool among computer engineering students.Latest computer engineering status for 2016 with high quality are arranged. Computer Engineering Status related to virus,Bluetooth and algorithms are written in this post. Computer Engineering status for B.E,M.E,B.Tech,M.Tech students are below :

Computer  Engineering Status 2016

  • I really don’t know, why we are learning algebra. If we already know x is missing then how we find value of x using y.
  • During exams..engineers used to do underground.
  • When there is no words to justify viva coordinators…confuse them in their  questions.
  • Want to hack your ideas and implement it on my platform.
  • Install the latest version of your life and forget previous version.
  • Use antivirus for threats that degrades your performance.
  • Update your thoughts regularly and start work on it.
  • I am mobile and you are my sim card, without you I am like mobile without network.
  • Parents prefer their child to use what is this and that question, while engineers prefers why need to learn this or that.
  • Engineers never read books 1 month before exams, they start reading books 1 day before exams.


WhatsApp Quotes for Computer Engineering

  • First time when computers arrived in regular life, world is lazy doing things with their own.
  • People start creating applications like online billing or net banking to save energy and transport.
  • Necessity is always plays important part for successful applications and new researches.
  • I want to use algorithms on your tongue to encrypt it , so that you never use decryption key without my permission.
  • There is always moments like doorway pages in our life to manipulate you about something.
  • Stop guessing and start believing because reality is always different than illustration.
  • Press CTRL+DELETE your enemies to stay far from your life.
  • You are software of my heart. Without you,my heart never start.
  • Never use  Bluetooth to share data instead use USB cable. Without seeing no one can believe. Cable is hardware and Bluetooth is software.
  • When you have no ways to solve confusions, use shutdown mode your mind and sleep.



The post is about latest Computer Engineering Status 2016,Computer Engineering Quotes 2016,WhatsApp status for Computer Engineering 2016,WhatsApp Quotes for Computer Engineering etc. Computer Engineering Status conceal secrete between what actually we are and what we are trying to tell. Computer Engineering Status is hugely admirable in technical field. Science is a research area where each student want computer engineering status. Lots of work and mindset is needed in this field.To refresh them, We write computer engineering status for their whatsApp application.

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