Chocolate Day sms Girlfriend 2017

Chocolate Day sms Wishes Girlfriend 2017

Chocolates are one kind of bribe for going in someone’s heart, especially to girls heart. Chocolates melt their mood quickly and we see a big smile on their faces. I also love chocolates. The valentine week is so special. In this week, We also celebrate chocolate day. So guys, Enjoy my version of Chocolate Day sms,messages and wishes for your girlfriend,boyfriend 2017.


Chocolate Day SMS Messages Girlfriend 2017


  • When there is no more time to talk, Just relax & Put chocolate candy in mouth.
  • I will have more tender to falling in love with you, As you put melted chocolates. – Chocolate Day sms
  • Chocolates are reasons that create one’s intense behavior for other person.
  • It takes few period when chocolate absorb moisture of air, & just melting. – Chocolate Day sms
  • Our mind is stubborn but chocolates are only one in the world that break your silence.
  • I need you like i have need for chocolates, so don’t take to think, Just be mine.
  • I want to swim in your flow of life, You can be my guide or mentor forever. –Chocolate Day sms
  • Please don’t shout while seeing chocolates,these are not for you. 
  • When I seen her eating a piece of melted chocolates, My heart feel healthy.
  • The reason behind my smile is he, I am more happy to see him now and at each phase. –Chocolate Day sms


Chocolate Day SMS Wishes Boyfriend 2017


Chocolate Day sms Messages Boyfriend 2017

Chocolate Day sms Messages Boyfriend 2017

  • Chocolates creates romantic environment for couples, It seems appealing while seen.
  • Hot chocolates are so sensational when someone drinks in front of you,specially your partner.
  • May life is full of chocolates, Blushes on your Cheek, Happy Chocolate Day.
  • May today is special, tomorrow will be more curious, just like wrapped chocolates.
  • Winter is one season which gives closeness for lovers and make them engaged.
  • Chocolates have their different fantasy to take their own attention from us.
  • Birthday cakes are so delicious, I feel like heaven. Happy Chocolate Day
  • Be with me like chocolates and dry fruits, tightly bonded,Hard to partition.
  • Coffee is one kind of caffeine which creates mood,actives mind instantly.
  • I want to jump into chocolate bucket and take shower of melted chocolates.



Thank you  for reading Chocolate Day sms for Girlfriend and Boyfriend 2017. 

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