Anxious,Worried Status & Quotes Whatsapp 2017

Anxious,Worried Status Quotes Whatsapp 2017

Anxious,Worried Status are really wanted and searched by all youngsters. While, This is the feeling inside heart which distracts our mind. Hence, We feel worried for our beloved. So, I will come here with such Anxious,Worried Status 2017. 


Guys, Select your favourite status such as for Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Husband and Wife. The choice is yours. Since, the list of status is below. Check it below.


Anxious,Worried Status 2017

Here, I am giving Anxious,Worried status for Girlfriend 2017. Consequently, You can save and update it as your WhatsApp status. I am also giving Anxious,Worried status for Boyfriend 2017.


Anxious, Worried Status for Girlfriend 2017

  •  You are guest of my heart, You have to stay there forever until I die. 


  • There is a connection between us which stops me to leave you. – Anxious,Worried Status


  • My soul merged with yours, that’s why pain inside you killing me.


  • Time is what…Which I spend without you like  each minute converted  into years. – Anxious,Worried Status


  • My job is only give lots of love to you….That is now and forever.


  • I feel concerned about you..At each moment You are fine or not ?


  • If the paths for us are not in one way…I promise, I reach you with a different path as well. – Anxious,Worried Status


  • Each problem of yours is mine, Each tear of your drops on my eyes.


Anxious, Worried Status for Boyfriend 2017

  • There is connection between our heart, I feel the same feel for me.


  • You are lifeline of mine. I live only when you are in front of me.


  • You can’t handle myself if you are far away from me. I feel anxious for you. – Anxious,Worried Status


  • You are best moment happened in my life. It’s special and close to my heart.


  • You are my nervous system. Actions to your body are felt by my body. – Anxious,Worried Status


  • Stay some more time with me…I am helpless, restless without you.


  • I don’t like to wait for you. I have no patience. Why are you take so much time? – Anxious,Worried Status


  • Live life without is same as hell. You are my world. Don’t take time to understand my love.


Anxious, Worried Status for WhatsApp 2017

  • I want to tell you clearly that.. you really mean to me…I love you so much.


  • I love you more than my life….the matter is simple if you know my feelings for you.  – Anxious,Worried Status


  • You are fragrance of my life. I am more excited and happy when you look me.


  • My desires stop to you. You are above my dreams. You are first priority of mine.


  • I will never stop loving you until I die. For me, You are my everything.


  • Life is you, Happiness you, Peace is you….Without you..There is only hell.


  • Love is the first thing ..we need it in our life.It’s precious and blessed to get it.


  • I will see myself everyday…There is some change in me..reason is you.


Anxious,Worried Status For Special One

Here, I am giving Anxious,Worried status for Husband 2017. Consequently, You can save and update it as your WhatsApp status. I am also giving Anxious,Worried status for Wife 2017.



Anxious, Worried Status for Husband 2017

  • I will be yours in just one second if you give some sign to me.


  • I will be in your dreams if you give some sign to me.


  • In a way, you come in my life. My heart beats talking about you.


  • At each place..At each moment…I mean everywhere.. you are around me.


  • You are inside me..more than myself. My each breath knows you very well.


  • My eyes forget to sleep…time forget to run…Heart remember only you.


  • Some colors of love are look the same way as we look together.


  • The change inside me is you…From last few days…my style also changed.


Anxious, Worried Status for Wife 2017

  • I lost myself in you. I want get myself…so be with me and hold me tightly.


  • If you are with heart fly in sky. I am more talkative with you.


  • You are chocolate…before it melts…I want to eat it. – Anxious,Worried Status


  • Without day and night was not spent. Each moment kills me.


  • I am overwhelmed with your intense love…My First and last eagerness ends to you.


  • When I saw you first hear beats faster and my tongue stopped working. – Anxious,Worried Status


  • My skills, My habits, My addiction, My passion is you. Everything in me is you.


  • The problem..the pain ..the fear..the hesitation inside me is you. Solution to all this is you.




Finally, I am thankful to all of you. In conclusion, Enjoy  Anxious,Worried Status 2017. I will coming soon with some more updates on Anxious,Worried Status. So, Keep visiting and share with your friends. Furthermore, You can send me suggestion as well. Therefore, You will share my webpages on social media as well. So, Keep doing this. As a result, You find more stuff here. So, Keep following me for Anxious,Worried Status.

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