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About us is the page where you can know better.

About us:

We are working on several sites and our motto is contribute in giving useful things to users. So they can appreciate our efforts. This site is all about quotes,status,poems and dp for WhatsApp application. We are giving status and quotes in different languages like Marathi,Bengali,Gujarati,Telugu,Hindi,Punjabi etc. We are giving Valentine day’s related status,sms,messages and images. We are also giving moody statuses like sad,happy,love,romance,attitude,angry etc.

We are try to give advance status like for engineers in different branches like civil,mechanical,computer,electrical, We try to write on engineering status for this branches for collegians. Motivational,spiritual and endeavoring status to raise fire in youngster to use their energy in smart works.

 We have knowledge of different website development languages like javascript, php, html, css etc.

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